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About the Name

The duo's name was inspired by the poem

  "The Charm of Slight Imperfection"



About The Artists  

Odarka Polanskyj Stockert www.Odarka.com an accomplished harpist, classically trained, yet folk minded, plays an eclectic repertoire with Celtic and Ukrainian / Eastern European overtones, and has been performing since the 80s, when she spent her summers in Ireland competing in the Irish harp competitions, hallmarks of the modern renaissance of the Irish Harp.

Redentor Jimenez (a.k.a. Red) was born in the Philippines immigrating to New Jersey when he was 10.  A prolific songwriter and musician,  Red is ear-trained who has been performing, writing and playing guitar for over 20 years.  He fronts the original NJ based band, RED REYNE www.RedReyne.com that performs in the tri-state area.  Red also performs and writes music for the Loa Heymann Band www.LoaHeymann.comc for


The Charm of Slight Imperfection

I cherish that slight imperfection
something exquisite and honest
about a thing, just barely flawed
like an egg with a small dimple
a beautiful face with a tiny scar
a scar with a crooked story
a story with a flawless beginning
but perhaps, an imperfect ending
neither picture perfect
nor what we would have chosen

I want the pattern of my life
to have that one line
slanted in the wrong direction
testimony to a true day
not one so unlikely
it was made up
surely by fools
for the storybooks
they read to us
so long ago
that we now know
were false

"The Charm of Slight Imperfection" was originally published in

The Poet's Touchstone (Poetry Society of New Hampshire) in 2007

and written by Odarka.


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